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The Dream Killer is a "Seek and Destroy" game where the player can just sit back and destroy whoever comes ahead with a Red HP bar. The more player advances in destroying the enemies, the more gold and experience player will get.

The Gold will allow players to auto-heal himself when the HP is low, upgrade the player's ability, unlock new skills, and even summon support characters to aid in fight.
The EXP will help player with leveling. Each Level Up will slightly enhance player's maximum HP and Mana-regenration speed, which is useful in the later stage (which requires player to make multiple attacks at the same time to eliminate the enemies).

The Game was initially designed to be a 1 hour game where players can spend his/ her office tea-break or lunch-break to smash some monsters before get back to work. However, I decided to make it more playable by adding in multiple skills set and some "unlockable character/ ultimate skills" where player can choose to replay the game with different combination of skills or abilities upgrade.

I hope you enjoy this idea and support me so I can make more games like this.

Sorry for the bad English .Here're some Potatoes for you "O.o".

Install instructions

No set-up required. Just download and run the exe file to play.


Dream-Killer.exe 97 MB

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